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Beetle Boats Celebrating It’s A Successful Century Of Sailing

Beetle Boats Celebrating It’s A Successful Century Of Sailing

In the year 1921, the family Beetle of New Bedford used the techniques they perfected building, whaling ships and created the Beetle Cat.

This was the boat that is friendly and easy-to-handle and it could be sailed easily by children as well. The clean lines and unique shape of the Beetle Cat have changed over time, and now nearly an after a century, they are abundantly present along the coast of New England.

The owner of Beetle Inc. Bill Womack said “If one gets the opportunity of seeing the boat of beetle on the water, then it cannot be overlooked, the boat has such a beauty.”

Womack along with his craftsmen build the Beetle Cat of 12-foot size out of wood, using the same mold, patterns and techniques as their ancestors used to do decades ago. Womack purchased the company in the year 2003, and moved the workshop where boats were made to Wareham.

Though, much advance boats have now introduced in the world of sailing, however, the value of Beetle boats is still there. At the present time as well, there is no need to move from the original. The boats with a beam of six feet, tub-like boats and the broad are extremely stable. The novices and kids find it easy to do to handle the boat because of its gaff-rigging.

Even in the present time people are fond of this boast those who knows its quality will always value it for its features. Recently, Womack informed that Jackie Onassis ordered a boat Beetle Cat for her children to teach them sailing. And she is not just one who has brought it for her children. Instead, there are many present whose love for this beautiful boat is never ending and they want transfers this bond with their children as well.

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