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Momo Rules The Maxi 72 Class

Momo Rules The Maxi 72 Class

The Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship and the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup are taking place in Porto Cervo.

This is one of the most popular events in the sailing calendar. It has lived up to the expectations so far. This event is hosted by the Rolex and the International Maxi Association. This time it is organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

The Maxi 72 Class race has so far been dominated by the Momo. This is the third time in a row that Momo has dominated the race and the event. The tactician of the yacht is Marcus Wieser and he has good strategist with him in the form of Murray Jones. This man is a six-time AC competitor and he knows a thing or two about the 72 class races.

The lead was with Caol Ila Rat the first upwind mark. She was not able to stay put in the position for long as she broke the Gennaker when on the run. This created an opening for Momo and the course was clear for the likes of Momo, Proteus, and Cannonball to advance. The winds were up to 18 knots during the start of the race and thence many sailors found it difficult to control their yacht. Bella Mente also faced a problem on the upwind leg and it was something to do with the jib. This made them pull back a bit, but they made a valiant effort to recover a few positions up the ladder by the end of the race.

Both Murray and Weiser were happy with the performance that Momo has shown so far. Murray said that they had a very good race. It was a difficult race to do when compared to the other days. The difficulty came in the form of the breeze moving from right to left.

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