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Round The Island Race UK

Round The Island Race UK

The Round the Island race in the UK was currently in the news that was held in the Isle of Wight in Cowes. The race held on the first weekend of July this year comprised of four sessions held in a single day. The game had two halves and one could get their pick of everything. End of the day it was an exciting match to watch on Cloudy Bay at all levels.

The main headlines were gathered by Concise 10 as it not only finished first, with the crew fresh from a Yacht Charter in Greece, but also succeeded in breaking the time record set last year by Phaedo 3. The boat was skippered by Ned Collier Wakefield who, along with his crew, was able to steer their 70ft trimaran to the finishing line in record time, about a minute off the previous time record set. The spotlight also fell on JPK10.80 which was skippered by Adam Gosling. They were able to get the Gold Roman Bowl, which is usually preserved for the winner who completes the race as per the time schedule.

This race was held about nine days after the summer solstice. The NNW wind was in the high teens and intermittent rain also greeted those who started early in the race. The race course was set to finish at Needles by 5.30. The wind as well as the rain did help to wake up the competitors. The early weather conditions also helped the racers get to a fast start. Concise 10 proved to be the fastest boat on the waters which reached the end point by 6.10 and they made it to St Catherine’s Point by 6.50. Not only did the multi hulls make the best of the conditions, but the monohulls did as well, flying with their skirts lifted up. The first monohull to reach the finishing line was Vol VO 70 Sanya Lan.


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