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In the year 1921, the family Beetle of New Bedford used the techniques they perfected building, whaling ships and created the Beetle Cat.

This was the boat that is friendly and easy-to-handle and it could be sailed easily by children as well. The clean lines and unique shape of the Beetle Cat have changed over time, and now nearly an after a century, they are abundantly present along the coast of New England.

The owner of Beetle Inc. Bill Womack said “If one gets the opportunity of seeing the boat of beetle on the water, then it cannot be overlooked, the boat has such a beauty.”

Womack along with his craftsmen build the Beetle Cat of 12-foot size out of wood, using the same mold, patterns and techniques as their ancestors used to do decades ago. Womack purchased the company in the year 2003, and moved the workshop where boats were made to Wareham.

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The 3Di sailing technology designed and promoted by North Sails has finally made its debut in the Melges 20 class.

The 3Di technology will be a standard fit that you will find in the Melges 20 class. This is the commitment that North has towards the sailors with advanced sails. It is a technology that will help all sailors looking for a better water experience.

The North Sails 3Di™ Technology will help in making sails using just fiber and adhesive and there is no need of the Mylar film for the string sails anymore. There is the use of an automatic tape laying system that gives the designers perfect control on the placement and orientation of the items needed within the sail.

Tim Healy, the President of North Sails One Design, said that they have come out with a bespoke tape layout for Melges 20 class making use of the North Sails 3Di RACE. The smaller boats will be making use of the Aramid/Dyneema sails.

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