Lake Conroe CVB

Getting you out on the water in Lake Conroe

There was drama amidst races on the waters when last Wednesday, 5th December, the GGR or Golden Globe Race 2018 saw skipper Susie Goodall suffers a setback. She was sailing her modified boat Rustler 36 about 2000 miles off the west coast of Cape Horn. Being in the heavy seas her deck was stripped clean of the rig as well as she herself being left unconscious for some time in her cabin. The spinnaker poles, dual and the rigs were her plan B.

She was the sole skipper in the GGR race this year, being a female skipper, 29 years of age who resorted to using period-specific boats which included skegs and full keels of the ancient design as well as void of all kinds of modern telecommunication and navigation equipment. She hails from Falmouth UK and is the youngest competitor in this race. She was in 4th position when she met a ferocious storm with winds blowing at 60 knots.

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